Romance this Valentine’s Day relishing authentic Chinese delicacies at Sea-estta Inn!

Food and romance are always intertwined! For some, food IS romance. But, let’s not get into that. Whether you’re out on a date with your loved one, or it’s your wedding anniversary, food is almost always the one constant, despite the ever-changing surroundings. Restaurants in Kolkata have been host to many such romantic getaways. And, what’s better than Chinese cuisine on the day of romance, the Valentine’s Day?

Chinese delicacy and love

On the auspicious day of celebrating love, it’s important to celebrate it in the best way possible. Have a dinner date with your loved one, to make it memorable, and have an impeccable Chinese dinner to make it the perfect date. There aren’t many cuisines in the world better than Chinese when it comes to that! The sweet corn soup and the Tom Yom soup with tasty Drums of Heaven with Schezwan sauce are the most apt starters for any date. It enhances your appetite, and invariably improves your mood.

There are also a variety of noodles to savor on Valentine’s Day, including the Cantonese and Pan Fried noodles. But, if your loved one isn’t into noodles much, you can always opt for the tiger prawn or the Kumpao crab.

If you or your partner loves rice-oriented preparations, the Chinese Fried Rice and the Schezwan Rice are two traditional Chinese delicacies to choose from. There’s also the Chow Chow Rice that you may have.

At Sea-estta Inn, a Chinese restaurant in Kolkata, you’ll always be satisfied if you come with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. We offer some of the best Chinese dishes across Kolkata, and once you come here, you’re guaranteed to leave the restaurant satisfied. Our service is amongst the best, as well, always attending to all your needs. We also give away attractive food offers for you to relish the authenticity of the dishes, made with love, for love. A candlelit dinner at Sea-estta Inn might just be what your partner is hoping for on Valentine’s Day. So, why disappoint him/her? Celebrate the day of love with some loving Chinese delicacy, and make the day a memory to cherish for as long as you can.

Seafood recipes can be fun, easy and healthy!

Seafood is considered a delicacy because of obvious reasons. It’s tasty, it’s easy to make, and, it’s healthy. Nobody in their right mind would ever say no to well-made seafood. And, for restaurants in Kolkata, preparing delicious seafood is always on high demand. People love their seafood here, and it’s understandable why!

Why is seafood healthy?

Seafood is healthy for a number of reasons.
For starters, there are enough B-complex vitamins alongside vitamin B and D to keep our bones and cell growth steady and immune system efficient. Moreover, seafood promotes better heart condition as well, reducing the possibility of a stroke. Also, any well-made seafood helps in preserving the moisture in our skin and improving our brain’s capability of making decisions.

Most importantly, eating seafood is of enormous value for pregnant women. It has a positive effect on birth weight as it helps in fetus growth and development alongside helping the mother’s central nervous system.

Best seafood recipes

Other than its obvious health benefits, preparing seafood is fun, and easy too. It’s time consuming if you make it properly, but certainly not a difficult task to manage.

Some of the best seafood recipes include the tiger prawn where you can devour into the deliciousness of the lobster, fresh from the sea. The baby lobster dipped in oriental fusion sauce is a rage amongst seafood lovers, as well.

The list of unique and exotic seafood delicacies goes on with the baby octopus immersed in garlic prawn sauce which fulfills all that your taste bud wants, along with the chef-styled special margarita grilled shrimp.

The seafood list only enhances in prestige with the assorted seafood platter, boasting of fried king prawn, basa, crabs, scallops and lobster; and, the seafood casserole that has a variety of lobsters and scallops diced with pankov sauce.

At Sea-estta Inn, a sea-themed restaurant in Kolkata, we serve the best and most exotic seafood that you can find, amidst a beautiful sea-beach themed setup. Coming up as one of Kolkata’s best, our seafood is cuisine is delicious and healthy. Moreover, we believe money’s worth! If you don’t like our food, you’re not obligated to pay us.

Sea-Estta Inn Can Be Your Best Place For Birthday Party!

Birthdays are always special and so are the birthday parties. Basically, even in Kolkata, people have started organizing themed birthdays, especially for kids. What if, a restaurant serves all that you want for a happening birthday? You do have a solution for that.

Now you have Sea-estta Inn at your service as it is one of the best place for  a birthday party! It is perhaps the first sea beach themed restaurant in Kolkata and this sounds quite amazing. We will serve the most appropriate ambiance that you are looking for your birthday party.

Best forms of beach themes

This is one-of-a-kind restaurant with a very unique theme and that too running in a very busy location, Tollygunge. Our management team along with the creative team has come up with different innovative ideas/concepts over the main theme. This is basically seasonal. This varies on demand of any group of people who want to have such theme for a party. We customize themes on the main one that is sea beach theme. The ambiance will surely win you over!

Lip-smacking dishes

We offer exciting dishes and you can definitely order your favorites for your birthday party and can also try some new delicacies. We are bringing in some of the best dishes in Thai Cuisine. We are also giving lucrative offers on our seafood gourmet. You can surely make your birthday party even more exciting trying out other dishes as well.

Get the best offers

Offers are something that really excites us a lot. Hence, you won’t lose that golden opportunity as well. Get flat 20% off on the bill value! You will also get complimentary cake specially designed for you. All these offers are sure to excite you. Don’t think much and have the most happening birthday party at our restaurant.

Being one of the most innovative restaurants in Kolkata, our sea beach theme enhances the unique factor. Moreover, our restaurant is a seafood restaurant in Kolkata but you will also get other cuisines. Our chefs and cooks are here to satiate your taste buds to the full. The restaurant is very easy to locate and the most interesting and alluring part is the ambiance you will enjoy. So hurry up and have the best birthday ever!

4 Reasons To Love Thai Food

Thai cuisine doesn’t need any introduction. Its deliciousness is off the charts at times. From the vegetable dishes sprinkled with garlic, to those stunning curries, a Thai menu gets even the best of us. And, for all the Bengali food lovers, you can guess what a Thai food restaurant in Kolkata can mean!

But, why should you love a Thai dish, or Thai cuisine, in general? For sure, they are renowned due to their cancer-fighting abilities, but, there must be something else, too, right? Well, yes. Here are four reasons why you’d love Thai food no matter what!

Dairy usage is minimum

Thai cuisine cares about those who are lactose intolerant, and can’t have dairy products in their food. Such adults should eat more Thai food. The reason behind the minimal usage, though, is the fact that dairy is not common in Thailand. Instead, many dishes often feature coconut milk which has a variety of health benefits. It helps the immune system by providing valuable fatty acids, and also by lowering bad cholesterol.

The raw focus

Raw herbs and vegetables are often found at Thai restaurants, used as sidekicks to the main meal. This is because the main course may lack the required nutrition at times, and these fresh sides serve as nutritious supplements for the main course. Most restaurants in Kolkata maintain this tradition.

The spices that heal

We know that turmeric and garlic are useful to us for their antioxidant properties. Moreover, they help in digesting and reducing our blood pressure as well. There are several other spices used in Thai dishes which help relieve pain, and provide us with enough iron and potassium.

Abundant vegetables

Thai cuisine is full of vegetables rich in vitamins and iron, if not anything else. Mushrooms and carrots are in abundance in any Thai dish. These vegetables are incredibly helpful in reducing the risk of long-lasting diseases like diabetes and even prevent cancer.

Being a restaurant rich in Thai cuisine, at Sea-estta Inn, we love to provide the best experience for Thai food lovers. You now know why you should have more of Thai food, but, also, because our Thai dishes are some of the tastiest out there. As long as it’s about Thai delight, we should top your list, whenever you make one!

Selecting the best quality seafood in Kolkata – Sea Estta Inn can satiate your appetite!

There’s something about seafood that Kolkata just can’t get enough of! The thrill of it and the feel of it, in its exotic entirety – right from ordering the dish to savoring the taste of it, long after you’re done eating – that’s something people in Kolkata can never get enough of! A restaurant in Kolkata is a surefire hit if it serves quality seafood.

Sea Estta Inn should be your go-to restaurant

What do you look for, at a seafood restaurant in Kolkata? Is it just some of the best oriental seafood delicacies? Or, is there a tinge of hope for the inevitable all-things-fish? Well, whatever you may want, we’ve got you covered at Sea-estta Inn.

There is a wide variety of dishes to choose from, and we’re sure you’ll be spoilt for choice. The tiger prawn, the shrimp and squid are just regulars that everybody will choose anyway. Our biggest advantage is the shark. Once you grab a proper bite, it’ll feel as close to being heavenly as possible. Also, we’ve got the octopus, tuna and shellfish to complete our list of seafood dishes. But, don’t worry, we can always add.

About the quality of food and service, we can guarantee you a highly skilled personnel and chefs who can take care of your comfort and culinary delight. Our wide array of dishes includes the incredibly delicious and exotic Southeast Asian seafood and the ones along India’s coastal lines.

Also, since we’re a sea themed restaurant, we believe in making you feel. We offer a never-experienced-before ambience here, which is unparalleled. Inside the restaurant itself, you can feel the sand beneath; you can feel the water flowing past you. You can feel the sea beach capture your most awe-inspiring thoughts.

As one of the fastest rising theme based restaurants in Kolkata, we care about you – our customers’ – appreciation deeply. While we do offer you all the freshening experiences here, along with deeply satisfying seafood, we have a strict policy. If you do not like the taste of our dishes, and we fail at satisfying your taste buds, you do not have to pay us. We believe in being paid only if we deserve it, which is why, we do the best we can to deserve it. And, we’re sure, you’ll always pay us!

When it comes to theme restaurants, Sea-estta Inn definitely tops the chart!

Are you bored of going to the same old regular restaurants? If you want to spice up your evenings a little, Sea Estta Inn should be your place! Theme based restaurant in Kolkata is slowly becoming popular with every passing day. Instead of having the regular restaurants, themed restaurants add a new spark to your family outings and your hangouts with friends. If you are a parent with a picky kid, then themed restaurant will help you to calm down your kid instantly.

Why should you choose these themed restaurants?

The ambience of the place

Apart from having an amazing theme, the ambience of such restaurants is very different from regular eateries. The matching of the cutlery with the theme of the restaurant, gives a different feeling altogether. The lighting and the cuisines also having theme-based names, make people have a better time at such places.

Getting the beach-like experience

When it comes to themes, the beach side happens to be a great attraction for city dwellers. Sea-estta Inn will let you feel as if you’re at the prettiest beach in the midst of a metropolis, with restaurant furniture which is the same as beach side chairs.

The cuisine is just as interesting as the theme

One of the specialties of themed restaurants is that they always have a great menu to choose from! Sea Estta Inn has a menu which has a wide variety of dishes you can relish! Being one of the best seafood restaurants in Kolkata, this place serves the kind of food only the beach-side culinary could provide.

Having a little bit of every beautiful beach in India, like Goa and Puri attached to it, a visit to this restaurant becomes the perfect place for you to spend a peaceful time with loved ones. One of the biggest reasons for visiting this place is that you do not have to pay, in case you don’t like the food. Sounds like a good deal, right? Join Sea Estta Inn for the unusual yet unforgettable beach-side experience while relishing amazing sea-food and different cuisines.

Making Healthy Choices: The Various Sea Food Health Benefits To Live A Healthy Life

People nowadays are increasingly conscious about their health. Sensible eating habits are vital to leading a healthy lifestyle. Sea food consumption has optimal benefits as recommended by health organizations. According to American diets, sea food choices are the best choices one can make in order to intake the maximum micronutrients and proteins.

Let us take a look at the benefits of Sea Food:

3–Ounce Serving: Get The Desired Amount Of Protein!

According to the dietary specialist in America, about 30 to 40 % of the protein that is recommended for the body is provided by seafood. Well, red meats is definitely the protein-rich source but sea food is proved to be sustainable. They are rich in high-quality protein.

Healthy Heart: Low Cholesterols

You must have the knowledge that cholesterols make cell walls in the body but a high level of cholesterols can cause a health risk. Sea foods are high in cholesterols but on the other hand lobsters and shimmer are the best choices for people who focus on eating low cholesterols sea food. These have unsaturated fat and consuming them can lower the cholesterol level and reduce health risk as well. According to studies, the risk of coronary heart disease has reduced with the current intake of sea food.

Mark The Pregnancy Benefits These Sea Foods Assure

According to scientific opinions, a 1-2 serving of sea food in a week during the pregnancy period is associated with neurodevelopment in children. Doctors are of the view that the nervous system of the fetus is developed by the consumption of sea food during the span of pregnancy.

Searching for incredible sea food restaurants serving rich menus for lunchtime? Here we are at your service at Sea Estta Inn, delivering the best menus for the sea food lovers. The menus that we serve are brought up to our customers in the most amazing cutlery.

Sea Estta Inn is the best seafood restaurant in Kolkata. Our best customized sea food dishes, accurately cooked with oils gently running, attract the well-heeled crowds. We never compromise with the freshness of sea foods that we offer. Our restaurant is successful in introducing rich menus of the coastal as well as South East Asia.
We at Sea Estta Inn, a sea themed restaurant in Kolkata, not just provide sea foods of the best quality but the starters and delicious snacks are also our responsibility.

Thai food in Kolkata — now taste the best in Sea Estta Inn!

Thai cuisine is the national cuisine of Thailand. Thai cooking gives importance to lightly prepared dishes having strong aromatic components with a spicy edge. Thai food has been characterized as demonstrating “intricacy; attention to detail; texture; colour; taste and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits, as well as good flavour.” In 2017, seven Thai dishes appeared on the list of the “World’s 50 Best Foods”, an online poll of 35,000 people worldwide by CNN Travel. Thailand had more dishes on the list than any other country in the world.

At Sea Estta Inn, a seafood restaurant in Kolkata, we have a sea beach themed unique restaurant with a variety of seafood specialities. Here you can have seafood and at the same time can also enjoy the splendour and setting of a sea beach. Our restaurant offers a plethora of international cuisines ranging from Japanese, Thai, Chinese to Oriental dishes which includes the delicious food from the South East countries such as Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, etc. to name a few. Some of the dishes available here are Pad Thai (Hakka) which is a Thai dish, Makau Golden Fried Rice, a dish of China, Nasi Goren Rice, an Indonesian dish and more! A few of our Thai specialities include:

• Khao khai chiao – an omelette with white rice, chilli sauce and cucumber.
• Khao tom – a Thai style rice soup, usually with pork, fish, shrimp or chicken.
• Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup).
• Tom Kha Kai (Chicken in Coconut Soup).
• Drunken Noodles (Hakka) – Stir fried rice noodle cooked with soy sauce, fish sauce and oyster sauce.
• Chok (one type rice porridge) commonly eaten in Thailand.

We at Sea-Estta Inn, a Thai food Restaurant in Kolkata, are among the top five restaurants in Kolkata to enjoy the best Thai food. Enjoy your quality time with candle light dinner experience and in a real life sea beach. Our restaurant has an amazing ambiance with real water and sand floating below your feet. It is not just one of the top five restaurants of Kolkata, but this is one of its kinds to have best food right amid the look and feel of sea beach.

Themed restaurants in Kolkata are fast becoming the craze!

Theme restaurants have been a worldwide phenomenon over the last few years, and gradually it has made its way into India. In case you do not know what themed restaurants mean, then let us give you small briefing on it! Themed Restaurants are like normal restaurants but they have a special idea or story behind it, and guests can imagine themselves to be a part of that special storyline. Themed restaurants have a particular subject or topic which it focuses on and often bases its cuisines, interiors and the appearances of the waiters on those factors.

Why to choose themed restaurants?

Currently, some of the best restaurant in Kolkata are the themed restaurants that have opened up all over the city. We would always suggest everyone to opt for themed restaurants that provide a fun environment and not merely a place to dine at for customers. Themed restaurants are places that are equally enjoyed by young people as well as older ones who realize that themed restaurants are not only a treat to the eyes while you eat, but also quite interactive in nature.

Kolkata is the new hub for themed restaurants

Apart from Sea Estta Inn Restaurant, our own sea beach themed unique restaurant at the heart of Kolkata, there are ample restaurants all over the city which focuses on a particular subject, thus attracting more customers. Restaurants related to TV shows, movies, cartoon characters, holiday destinations, and even Bollywood are popping up, giving customers to choose from a variety of themes in the ‘City of Joy’. Themed restaurants are also becoming a big craze among the youngsters as these places and their internal decorations have become a great place to take pictures.

We at Sea Estta Inn Restaurant invite you to our beautiful sea themed restaurant in Kolkata, which will provide a grand experience to anyone who visits. We provide a variety of cuisines like Thai, Japanese and Oriental, with a special focus on seafood items. Located near Rabindra Sarobar in Kolkata, we make sure you are able to taste the mouthwatering dishes in the ocean setting, with real water and sand floating under your feet.

How to find the best seafood restaurant in Kolkata?

The main concept of every seafood restaurant is to provide the best quality and fresh dishes. It is not that they do not serve non-seafood but they basically specialize in seafood cuisines. The best feature of seafood restaurants lies in the restaurant décor that attracts the seafood lovers. Marine themed interior is the most common theme among all other interior ideas adopted by seafood restaurants.

Check Out The Varieties While Searching Seafood Eatery

This is the most important criteria that are never to be missed while you search for seafood eatery. Well, for sure, no seafood lover would love to dine in a restaurant that claims to provide seafood but are limited to fish varieties. Seafood lovers can never compromise on crabs and lobsters. Hence, checking out the menu is a must to satisfy your cravings.

Eat The Best: Quality Over Price

Seafood lovers will not have to worry much about the quality and the freshness of the serving when they leave for a beachside dining. Fresh seafood is never a doubt in such locations because the sellers regularly visit the sea in search of fresh fish, lobsters, crabs etc. Well, it is not all the time we can leave for such destinations. Hence, searching something fresh in your city is a must. It is a must not to sacrifice the quality of the seafood for a little less amount to spend for.

Checking Out The Reviews Online Before Dining

The online reviews also do a lot to help people searching for the best seafood eatery. The ratings that are provided by regular customers can help you come to a decision.

If Kolkata is your city, you will not have to spend much time looking for something incredible. We at Sea Estta Inn bring in the best-customized seafood dishes at your table. The varieties that we provide, you are sure not to get in any of the seafood restaurants in Kolkata.

The serving standards in our restaurant are remarkable. We never compromise the freshness of the fish, crabs, lobsters, prawns etc.

We here at our sea themed restaurant In Kolkata have a wide variety of offers and discounts available. We successfully introduce rich menus of the coastal as well as the South East Asia in our restaurant to serve the seafood lovers.