Seafood recipes can be fun, easy and healthy!

Seafood is considered a delicacy because of obvious reasons. It’s tasty, it’s easy to make, and, it’s healthy. Nobody in their right mind would ever say no to well-made seafood. And, for restaurants in Kolkata, preparing delicious seafood is always on high demand. People love their seafood here, and it’s understandable why!

Why is seafood healthy?

Seafood is healthy for a number of reasons.
For starters, there are enough B-complex vitamins alongside vitamin B and D to keep our bones and cell growth steady and immune system efficient. Moreover, seafood promotes better heart condition as well, reducing the possibility of a stroke. Also, any well-made seafood helps in preserving the moisture in our skin and improving our brain’s capability of making decisions.

Most importantly, eating seafood is of enormous value for pregnant women. It has a positive effect on birth weight as it helps in fetus growth and development alongside helping the mother’s central nervous system.

Best seafood recipes

Other than its obvious health benefits, preparing seafood is fun, and easy too. It’s time consuming if you make it properly, but certainly not a difficult task to manage.

Some of the best seafood recipes include the tiger prawn where you can devour into the deliciousness of the lobster, fresh from the sea. The baby lobster dipped in oriental fusion sauce is a rage amongst seafood lovers, as well.

The list of unique and exotic seafood delicacies goes on with the baby octopus immersed in garlic prawn sauce which fulfills all that your taste bud wants, along with the chef-styled special margarita grilled shrimp.

The seafood list only enhances in prestige with the assorted seafood platter, boasting of fried king prawn, basa, crabs, scallops and lobster; and, the seafood casserole that has a variety of lobsters and scallops diced with pankov sauce.

At Sea-estta Inn, a sea-themed restaurant in Kolkata, we serve the best and most exotic seafood that you can find, amidst a beautiful sea-beach themed setup. Coming up as one of Kolkata’s best, our seafood is cuisine is delicious and healthy. Moreover, we believe money’s worth! If you don’t like our food, you’re not obligated to pay us.

Themed restaurants in Kolkata are fast becoming the craze!

Theme restaurants have been a worldwide phenomenon over the last few years, and gradually it has made its way into India. In case you do not know what themed restaurants mean, then let us give you small briefing on it! Themed Restaurants are like normal restaurants but they have a special idea or story behind it, and guests can imagine themselves to be a part of that special storyline. Themed restaurants have a particular subject or topic which it focuses on and often bases its cuisines, interiors and the appearances of the waiters on those factors.

Why to choose themed restaurants?

Currently, some of the best restaurant in Kolkata are the themed restaurants that have opened up all over the city. We would always suggest everyone to opt for themed restaurants that provide a fun environment and not merely a place to dine at for customers. Themed restaurants are places that are equally enjoyed by young people as well as older ones who realize that themed restaurants are not only a treat to the eyes while you eat, but also quite interactive in nature.

Kolkata is the new hub for themed restaurants

Apart from Sea Estta Inn Restaurant, our own sea beach themed unique restaurant at the heart of Kolkata, there are ample restaurants all over the city which focuses on a particular subject, thus attracting more customers. Restaurants related to TV shows, movies, cartoon characters, holiday destinations, and even Bollywood are popping up, giving customers to choose from a variety of themes in the ‘City of Joy’. Themed restaurants are also becoming a big craze among the youngsters as these places and their internal decorations have become a great place to take pictures.

We at Sea Estta Inn Restaurant invite you to our beautiful sea themed restaurant in Kolkata, which will provide a grand experience to anyone who visits. We provide a variety of cuisines like Thai, Japanese and Oriental, with a special focus on seafood items. Located near Rabindra Sarobar in Kolkata, we make sure you are able to taste the mouthwatering dishes in the ocean setting, with real water and sand floating under your feet.