Sea-Estta Inn Can Be Your Best Place For Birthday Party!

Birthdays are always special and so are the birthday parties. Basically, even in Kolkata, people have started organizing themed birthdays, especially for kids. What if, a restaurant serves all that you want for a happening birthday? You do have a solution for that.

Now you have Sea-estta Inn at your service as it is one of the best place for  a birthday party! It is perhaps the first sea beach themed restaurant in Kolkata and this sounds quite amazing. We will serve the most appropriate ambiance that you are looking for your birthday party.

Best forms of beach themes

This is one-of-a-kind restaurant with a very unique theme and that too running in a very busy location, Tollygunge. Our management team along with the creative team has come up with different innovative ideas/concepts over the main theme. This is basically seasonal. This varies on demand of any group of people who want to have such theme for a party. We customize themes on the main one that is sea beach theme. The ambiance will surely win you over!

Lip-smacking dishes

We offer exciting dishes and you can definitely order your favorites for your birthday party and can also try some new delicacies. We are bringing in some of the best dishes in Thai Cuisine. We are also giving lucrative offers on our seafood gourmet. You can surely make your birthday party even more exciting trying out other dishes as well.

Get the best offers

Offers are something that really excites us a lot. Hence, you won’t lose that golden opportunity as well. Get flat 20% off on the bill value! You will also get complimentary cake specially designed for you. All these offers are sure to excite you. Don’t think much and have the most happening birthday party at our restaurant.

Being one of the most innovative restaurants in Kolkata, our sea beach theme enhances the unique factor. Moreover, our restaurant is a seafood restaurant in Kolkata but you will also get other cuisines. Our chefs and cooks are here to satiate your taste buds to the full. The restaurant is very easy to locate and the most interesting and alluring part is the ambiance you will enjoy. So hurry up and have the best birthday ever!

When it comes to theme restaurants, Sea-estta Inn definitely tops the chart!

Are you bored of going to the same old regular restaurants? If you want to spice up your evenings a little, Sea Estta Inn should be your place! Theme based restaurant in Kolkata is slowly becoming popular with every passing day. Instead of having the regular restaurants, themed restaurants add a new spark to your family outings and your hangouts with friends. If you are a parent with a picky kid, then themed restaurant will help you to calm down your kid instantly.

Why should you choose these themed restaurants?

The ambience of the place

Apart from having an amazing theme, the ambience of such restaurants is very different from regular eateries. The matching of the cutlery with the theme of the restaurant, gives a different feeling altogether. The lighting and the cuisines also having theme-based names, make people have a better time at such places.

Getting the beach-like experience

When it comes to themes, the beach side happens to be a great attraction for city dwellers. Sea-estta Inn will let you feel as if you’re at the prettiest beach in the midst of a metropolis, with restaurant furniture which is the same as beach side chairs.

The cuisine is just as interesting as the theme

One of the specialties of themed restaurants is that they always have a great menu to choose from! Sea Estta Inn has a menu which has a wide variety of dishes you can relish! Being one of the best seafood restaurants in Kolkata, this place serves the kind of food only the beach-side culinary could provide.

Having a little bit of every beautiful beach in India, like Goa and Puri attached to it, a visit to this restaurant becomes the perfect place for you to spend a peaceful time with loved ones. One of the biggest reasons for visiting this place is that you do not have to pay, in case you don’t like the food. Sounds like a good deal, right? Join Sea Estta Inn for the unusual yet unforgettable beach-side experience while relishing amazing sea-food and different cuisines.