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4 Reasons To Love Thai Food

Thai cuisine doesn’t need any introduction. Its deliciousness is off the charts at times. From the vegetable dishes sprinkled with garlic, to those stunning curries, a Thai menu gets even the best of us. And, for all the Bengali food lovers, you can guess what a Thai food restaurant in Kolkata can mean!

But, why should you love a Thai dish, or Thai cuisine, in general? For sure, they are renowned due to their cancer-fighting abilities, but, there must be something else, too, right? Well, yes. Here are four reasons why you’d love Thai food no matter what!

Dairy usage is minimum

Thai cuisine cares about those who are lactose intolerant, and can’t have dairy products in their food. Such adults should eat more Thai food. The reason behind the minimal usage, though, is the fact that dairy is not common in Thailand. Instead, many dishes often feature coconut milk which has a variety of health benefits. It helps the immune system by providing valuable fatty acids, and also by lowering bad cholesterol.

The raw focus

Raw herbs and vegetables are often found at Thai restaurants, used as sidekicks to the main meal. This is because the main course may lack the required nutrition at times, and these fresh sides serve as nutritious supplements for the main course. Most restaurants in Kolkata maintain this tradition.

The spices that heal

We know that turmeric and garlic are useful to us for their antioxidant properties. Moreover, they help in digesting and reducing our blood pressure as well. There are several other spices used in Thai dishes which help relieve pain, and provide us with enough iron and potassium.

Abundant vegetables

Thai cuisine is full of vegetables rich in vitamins and iron, if not anything else. Mushrooms and carrots are in abundance in any Thai dish. These vegetables are incredibly helpful in reducing the risk of long-lasting diseases like diabetes and even prevent cancer.

Being a restaurant rich in Thai cuisine, at Sea-estta Inn, we love to provide the best experience for Thai food lovers. You now know why you should have more of Thai food, but, also, because our Thai dishes are some of the tastiest out there. As long as it’s about Thai delight, we should top your list, whenever you make one!

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