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Selecting the best quality seafood in Kolkata – Sea Estta Inn can satiate your appetite!

There’s something about seafood that Kolkata just can’t get enough of! The thrill of it and the feel of it, in its exotic entirety – right from ordering the dish to savoring the taste of it, long after you’re done eating – that’s something people in Kolkata can never get enough of! A restaurant in Kolkata is a surefire hit if it serves quality seafood.

Sea Estta Inn should be your go-to restaurant

What do you look for, at a seafood restaurant in Kolkata? Is it just some of the best oriental seafood delicacies? Or, is there a tinge of hope for the inevitable all-things-fish? Well, whatever you may want, we’ve got you covered at Sea-estta Inn.

There is a wide variety of dishes to choose from, and we’re sure you’ll be spoilt for choice. The tiger prawn, the shrimp and squid are just regulars that everybody will choose anyway. Our biggest advantage is the shark. Once you grab a proper bite, it’ll feel as close to being heavenly as possible. Also, we’ve got the octopus, tuna and shellfish to complete our list of seafood dishes. But, don’t worry, we can always add.

About the quality of food and service, we can guarantee you a highly skilled personnel and chefs who can take care of your comfort and culinary delight. Our wide array of dishes includes the incredibly delicious and exotic Southeast Asian seafood and the ones along India’s coastal lines.

Also, since we’re a sea themed restaurant, we believe in making you feel. We offer a never-experienced-before ambience here, which is unparalleled. Inside the restaurant itself, you can feel the sand beneath; you can feel the water flowing past you. You can feel the sea beach capture your most awe-inspiring thoughts.

As one of the fastest rising theme based restaurants in Kolkata, we care about you – our customers’ – appreciation deeply. While we do offer you all the freshening experiences here, along with deeply satisfying seafood, we have a strict policy. If you do not like the taste of our dishes, and we fail at satisfying your taste buds, you do not have to pay us. We believe in being paid only if we deserve it, which is why, we do the best we can to deserve it. And, we’re sure, you’ll always pay us!

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