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Romance this Valentine’s Day relishing authentic Chinese delicacies at Sea-estta Inn!

Food and romance are always intertwined! For some, food IS romance. But, let’s not get into that. Whether you’re out on a date with your loved one, or it’s your wedding anniversary, food is almost always the one constant, despite the ever-changing surroundings. Restaurants in Kolkata have been host to many such romantic getaways. And, what’s better than Chinese cuisine on the day of romance, the Valentine’s Day?

Chinese delicacy and love

On the auspicious day of celebrating love, it’s important to celebrate it in the best way possible. Have a dinner date with your loved one, to make it memorable, and have an impeccable Chinese dinner to make it the perfect date. There aren’t many cuisines in the world better than Chinese when it comes to that! The sweet corn soup and the Tom Yom soup with tasty Drums of Heaven with Schezwan sauce are the most apt starters for any date. It enhances your appetite, and invariably improves your mood.

There are also a variety of noodles to savor on Valentine’s Day, including the Cantonese and Pan Fried noodles. But, if your loved one isn’t into noodles much, you can always opt for the tiger prawn or the Kumpao crab.

If you or your partner loves rice-oriented preparations, the Chinese Fried Rice and the Schezwan Rice are two traditional Chinese delicacies to choose from. There’s also the Chow Chow Rice that you may have.

At Sea-estta Inn, a Chinese restaurant in Kolkata, you’ll always be satisfied if you come with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. We offer some of the best Chinese dishes across Kolkata, and once you come here, you’re guaranteed to leave the restaurant satisfied. Our service is amongst the best, as well, always attending to all your needs. We also give away attractive food offers for you to relish the authenticity of the dishes, made with love, for love. A candlelit dinner at Sea-estta Inn might just be what your partner is hoping for on Valentine’s Day. So, why disappoint him/her? Celebrate the day of love with some loving Chinese delicacy, and make the day a memory to cherish for as long as you can.

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